Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas guys. XD

I know I'd been busy lately since I had started a business, but I'll make sure to keep this blog going. Merry Christmas to everyone. God is good. ♥

Purederm Mask Review

I had been using these masks since a few months ago, and now I'm finally giving you a Purederm mask review. XD

I saw these masks in Watsons, and the Korean letters in the packaging caught my attention. These masks also comes in different variants: grape yogurt, strawberry yogurt, aloe, green tea, and cucumber, and each gives a different benefit to the skin.

purederm masks
My two personal favorites are Grape Yogurt and Green Tea masks

So without further ado, here's my verdict:

I love the Purederm masks. I use the mask in the morning and at night as a mild cleanser, and the good thing is that it minimizes my breakouts and does not irritate, which is saying a lot since I really have very, very sensitive skin.

I think the most apparent effect of the mask is immediate smooth skin.

The morning after I used it, my sister blurted out that my skin has gone smoother.

Since the Purederm mask has different variants, choose whatever suits you. I'm not really into the Strawberry Yogurt Mask since I find its consistency too heavy, and I find the Moisturizing Cucumber Mask to be milder than preferred, although aside from that these are generally okay.

The Purederm masks are also cheap; for Php39, you can buy a sachet in Watsons.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goodbye Simon Kim

I'd been reading a lot of posts in the internet regarding the best and most cost-effective salons to get a digital perm, and Simon Kim salon struck me as a good deal. For one thing, they had a permanent Php1,500 promo on digital perm, any hair length, and there were good reviews about the service.

To cut the story short, my friend Ivy lou and I went there today (in Makati Ave.) and were told by a lady that Simon Kim has died last September and that the Simon Kim salon has been closed since then.