Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Causes of acne you didn't know about

Do you wonder about the zits that recur only on particular spots on your face? When pimples appear on certain spots only, it is likely that they are not caused by heredity or insufficient facial cleaning but habits.

If you want to know what causes them, observe the parts of your face where they appear.

Around your mouth

There are claims that toothpaste froth causes acne because of fluoride, and some people swear by this, saying that changing brands solves the problem.

You can read about a dermatologist's observation in Fluoride Action Network and a more detailed article in Real Acne Help.

To be fair, though, a general consensus is still lacking regarding the role of toothpaste in causing acne, as it is more popularly used as treatment. Chicago Tribune wisely sums up this issue.

What to do: Switch brands or try a non-fluoride toothpaste for a few days and observe if there are any improvements.


If you have unsightly blemishes on your cheeks, one of the first things you can do is think about how you sleep: do you lie with your cheeks against your pillows or hands? 

What to do: Make sure that your hands are clean (or better yet, try another sleeping position) and your pillows regularly washed. Facial skin is so sensitive to dirt that even a little amount can cost you pimples. 

Also, check your cell phone. Is it clean? Cell phones pick up bacteria from your hands, food, and places or things (such as a table or bag) where you place your phone. Also, the mere skin friction caused by using cell phones may cause pimples (called "acne mechanica"). Know more about acne mechanica in AcnetNet.

What to do: Sanitize your phone. Simply get a cloth, dub it with alcohol and wipe the casing of your phone. Use cotton buds to reach the in-between spaces.


This is already a general knowledge but might as well include this in the list.

Pimples in the forehead are likely caused by contact with bangs. Hair gets all kinds of dirt and pollution from outside that may be transferred to the skin. Hair products may also be a factor.

What you should do:  Tuck your bangs behind your ear or wear bobby pins, clips, or a headband.

If you already have pimples on your forehead, don’t irritate them further by trying to hide them using your bangs. The pimples will get redder and bigger, and it may cause scarring. Believe me, it's better to risk embarrassment for a few days rather than having pockmarks. 

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