Sunday, August 28, 2011

Digital perms: the current hottest hair trend

Have you always wanted that soft, natural-looking loose curls on you see on Hollywood actresses? Then digital perms are the treatment that you are looking for.

digital perm before and after
Digital perm before and after

Digital perms are just starting to make its name especially in the West. Also called the "hot perm," it was invented in Korea and is popular in southeast Asian countries. It gives more natural-looking waves on your hair. You have probably seen someone with beautiful soft curly tresses and wondered, "wow, her hair is so pretty, I wonder if it's natural?" Well, unless that person has been gifted with really beautiful hair, that is probably a digital perm.

Digital perm versus normal perm

digital perm
Digital perm (left) versus normal perm (right)
  • Digital perms are called a hot perm because the process requires perm solution and heat, whereas a normal perm, or a "cold perm" only requires perm solution.
  • If you want looser and bouncier waves, digital perms are the way to go. Normal perms, meanwhile, brings out tighter curls.
  • Digital perms are general a bit more expensive than normal perms. :p

Get that effortless feminine waves

A digital perm will give more volume to your hair and leave it softer and shinier. You can wear it simply with your hair down or in other hairstyles. My personal favorite style for a digital permed hair? A bun, with soft curls hanging loosely and elegantly!

If you are leaving in the US or in other western countries and your local salon does not offer this treatment, try looking for Japanese or Korean hair salons. 

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