Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FAQ: Digital Perms

Digital perms are very popular especially in Asia where people have naturally straight hair. Now, you have probably read the term "digital perm" on a list of hair treatments in a salon, in a hair article review, or from your buddies and has millions of questions in your head.

digital perm
Well, here's an FAQ to help you.

  • What type of hair suits digital perms?
If you have thick or coarse hair, then digital perm is for you. Digital perms do not work well on thin hair.
  • Do digital perms work for any hair length?
You can get a digital perm whether your hair is short or long. However, if you want to have the full look, that is, curls that fall naturally, hair that is a few inches below the shoulder is recommended.
  • Can I ask for different kinds of curl with a digital perm?
Yes. They have rods of different sizes, which are used for smaller or bigger curls, from ringlets to loose, beach waves. Normally, the stylist will assesses what particular kind of curl fits you, and if this also fits into your hair condition.
  • Are haircuts necessary if I want a digital perm?
Yes. Digital perm and haircut work together to give you the look that you want. Let your stylist evaluate what haircut suits you. It is not uncommon for your stylist to layer and thin out your hair when you are getting a digital perm, so don't worry. If you are not comfortable with a haircut, you might opt to talk to your stylist about a different kind of perm instead.
  • Are digital perms damaging?
Yes, like other hair treatments on hair salons, digital perms cause damage to your hair. This is why you should first test if your hair is healthy (here's how) or ask your stylist when you go in for a visit.
  • I have rebonded hair, can I still get a digital perm?
Yes, but it remains on the discretion of your hair stylist if he/she thinks your hair can still stand another treatment.
  • Can hair coloring and digital perm go together?
No. Hair coloring always go after a digital perm treatment.
  • How long is the process of getting a digital perm?
Three to four hours.
  • How long should I wait to wash my hair after getting a digital perm?
Typically 24-48 hours.
  • How long do digital perms last?
Depending on the type of your hair and how you take care of it, digital perms can last 3 months up to 1 year. If you want to maintain the look, go back for another treatment when the curls start to straighten, which will happen eventually, or when your hair starts to grow out.
  • My digital perm somehow didn't produce enough curls, what should I do?
Go back to your hair salon. No, seriously. 


  1. hi, i just have a few questions:

    1. since you can't wash your hair 24-48 hours after the perm, did it get messy after waking up the next day? if yes, how did you deal with it? is it ok to twist the permed hair before the first wash? or i should just leave it as how the hairstylist made it?

    2. also, when is the best time to apply the curling lotion / serum? is it ok to apply it immediately after showering (after gently squeezing hair with towel)? or i have to wait at few minutes/hours (like it's almost dry) before i actually apply the product and do the scrunching and twirling?

    thanks for the help.


  2. i used to get my hair rebonded, but this time i had it permed, the regular perm.. it turned dry and curls were ineffective, can i still have it permed or rebonded at least? or how long shall i wait to have this repaired?

  3. Hi Can I ask :( My hair is 2 months in digital perm but the result is not beautiful its not dry but it was so messy to look. May question it can i rebound it ?

  4. can i get a digi perm after a week of traditional curl with hair color?

  5. can i get a digi perm after a week of traditional curl with hair color?