Monday, September 19, 2011

How to take care of digital permed hair

If you want your curls to last longer, you should take care of it carefully and religiously. Some women, I've read, maintained their digital perms up to a year, and of course, it is important that the curl still holds and does not limp.

Hair stylists have different opinions on what products to use for maintenance, so you can ask them personally at the salon. I think this recommendations depend greatly on (1) their own professional experience and (2) availability of that product in the country. However, most agree on the basics of taking care of digital perms.

Proper maintenance

digital perm
You can wash your digitally permed hair the same way you wash normal hair. Afterwards, comb only the top part of you head and not the curls; combing pulls out and messes them up. What you can do is finger comb your hair.

Crunch the curls or twist sections of your hair to maintain the curls and let the hair dry naturally.

Curls might get tangled, although not very often since hair after a digital perm is softer and always stays in shape, but to be sure, use a conditioner and untangle the knots, if any, only using your hands.

Condition hair in the shower, use a hair coat afterwards, and get a hot oil treatment once a week. Using curl enhancer gels or sprays is optional.

There's a longer, more detailed article on taking care of a digital permed hair on Niche Topic.


You can style your hair by twisting and separating the knots.

digital permIf you want to straighten them, just brush the curls after showering, and the curls will flatten until after the next time you wash your hair. Can you use a straightener? Yes. You can also use a blower, make sure one with a diffuser. A diffuser locks the curls in and/or makes them curlier and without frizz. Normal blowers create frizz; skip those. Limit using hair straigtheners or curlers because, in general, added heat is not good for permed hair.

Maintain your lovely curls

Based on our experience, every girl who gets a digital perm discovers and has her own special way of styling her hair and  own picks of hair products.

Have you discovered what's yours yet?

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